Monday, June 28, 2010

Selangor PKR In-Fighting

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Well, the political in-fighting between Khalid and Azmin had caused the frustration among the people's had finally come to an end. Anwar who had big head on that issue as he was also pressured on whether to oust either one between Khalid and Azmin. Azmin is Anwar long-time buddy and Azmin is also in the party since the PKR exist until now. But, Khalid was personally brought in by Anwar to help to contribute to the party and lead Selangor. 

It's definitely a tough decision to make which will hurt either one feelings and friendship. Furthermore, any decision made will affect the leadership and the party direction. Khalid is definitely a people-like Mentri Besar but a weak and soft politician. Azmin is tough, strong and ambitious politician who wanted to fight to the top and he has too many enemies within the party. Azmin are known to be behind the 15 MP who pressure Khalid go step down.

Finally Anwar had made the decision, without kicking out Khalid, Anwar made some leadership changes in Selangor by replacing Azmin as Selangor PKR chief, and fundamentally a state chief will normally be the state Mentri Besar. In-fact, Anwar already had discussion and bargain with Azmin by exchanging the top state party post with the top state post and end the issues. As, the party election are in near term around November 2010. It's definitely a move by Azmin to deny Khalid to stand for the deputy president position election. Well, Zaid Ibrahim, the prominent ex-Umno leader will definitely join the fray to fight directly with Azmin as Zaid was picked as the Federal Territory PKR chief replacing Azmin.

In this situation, who are shown to be bad ? It's very clear, Azmin was very dirty in playing politics. More or less will affect his reputation. And Khalid will still go on to be the Mentri Besar of Selangor until the next  party election, anyway Khalid will still have time to plan and prepare before the coming November PKR election.


  1. yalo...donno fight for what. better focus govern the state better.

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