Monday, June 28, 2010

Selangor PKR In-Fighting

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Well, the political in-fighting between Khalid and Azmin had caused the frustration among the people's had finally come to an end. Anwar who had big head on that issue as he was also pressured on whether to oust either one between Khalid and Azmin. Azmin is Anwar long-time buddy and Azmin is also in the party since the PKR exist until now. But, Khalid was personally brought in by Anwar to help to contribute to the party and lead Selangor. 

It's definitely a tough decision to make which will hurt either one feelings and friendship. Furthermore, any decision made will affect the leadership and the party direction. Khalid is definitely a people-like Mentri Besar but a weak and soft politician. Azmin is tough, strong and ambitious politician who wanted to fight to the top and he has too many enemies within the party. Azmin are known to be behind the 15 MP who pressure Khalid go step down.

Finally Anwar had made the decision, without kicking out Khalid, Anwar made some leadership changes in Selangor by replacing Azmin as Selangor PKR chief, and fundamentally a state chief will normally be the state Mentri Besar. In-fact, Anwar already had discussion and bargain with Azmin by exchanging the top state party post with the top state post and end the issues. As, the party election are in near term around November 2010. It's definitely a move by Azmin to deny Khalid to stand for the deputy president position election. Well, Zaid Ibrahim, the prominent ex-Umno leader will definitely join the fray to fight directly with Azmin as Zaid was picked as the Federal Territory PKR chief replacing Azmin.

In this situation, who are shown to be bad ? It's very clear, Azmin was very dirty in playing politics. More or less will affect his reputation. And Khalid will still go on to be the Mentri Besar of Selangor until the next  party election, anyway Khalid will still have time to plan and prepare before the coming November PKR election.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Early News from Maxis ?

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As we all know Apple iPhone already available in certain countries. The question arise that when will Malaysia launch the iPhone 4 ? 

haha... and Maxis previously had announced via twitter that it will announce in coming months between the third quarter of 2010. 

But yesterday i called up Maxis for my billing and some enquiries, what info did I get ? the staff told me that the iPhone 4 will be launch somewhere on the third week of July, any early info on the pricing will be send via email to the person who interested and register with Maxis. 

Yoohoo... Don't expect too long, it's just about 4 weeks away. And I did ask the staff that whether any pre-order needed ? She says it's unlikely, which means u could bought on the spot subjected if there are remaining stock. But I think, it will be selling like hot cakes.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What Will Happen If Yuan (Renminbi) Continue To Rise ?

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The China currency "Chinese Yuan" (Renminbi) is continuing to rise. The Chinese government are relaxing their control on their currency and letting the market to decide on the currency value.

What will happen on China ?
China may get import things cheaper, for example the electronic gadgets like iphone, ipad, Mac and others. And this indirectly benefited those gadgets producer countries as their sales increased.
Besides, imported raw materials are also included such as petroleum, coal and others. As, China is the largest coal consumer in the world.
Chinese products will become costly and more expensive to other countries.
The salary in China rises, thus, the production companies will shift their operation to other countries with cheaper labour, as China may no longer continue to dominate as the cheapest labour country. 

What will happen to Others ?
Americans manufacturers will gain more from construction machineries, for example, carmakers could get profit from the cars, machines and others they make and sell in China.
Other developing countries may gain as multinational company (MNC) will shift the production line of raw material to cheaper labour countries.
Giants retailers chain like Wal-Mart Stores which depends heavily on China made products and sold in U.S. stores will be more expensive.
As the Yuan rise, consumer electronic gadgets could constraint the yearly price cuts. For example, cell phones, personal computers and other consumer electronics prices have been dropping 15% to 20% yearly and those products are mostly manufactured in China. So, the people's will pay higher for those goods and the price cuts will slow down.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Football Betting is Your Rights

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Mahathir had publicly support the move of awarding the football betting license to Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd. Mahathir says that this could legalise the industry and increase the government revenue.

It's true. Whenever there is football there is gambling, illegal bookies are all around. You can't stop the people's from gambling, it's their right. And if they are in trouble of Ah Long (loan shark) for borrowing moneys to gamble, we could'nt do anything, that is their rights and their choice. 

In Malaysia, the majority was Muslim, and Yes Muslim was prohibited for gambling. Then there are rules that prohibited Muslim to gamble on the football. So, basically there are not problem since the betting will only allowed and open to Non-Muslim.

Besides, No-One and Nobody in this world can be forced to gamble. Don't you think that the bookies or operators will use a gun pointed on your head to force you to gamble. If this does happen then it's equal to rob. 

There is a chinese idiom stated "老牛不喝水, 不能强按头" means (You can take a horse to the water, but you can't make him to drink). A person cannot be forced what he does'nt want to. The most is the people's are just encouraged of having such facility (betting centre), furthermore gambling companies/operators are not allowed to advertise gambling in Malaysia, thus this may not directly encouraging them.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ah Beng Pick Songs Joke (Joke of the Day)

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A Hokkien Jokes start with a gang of Ah Beng's. 

Long long time ago, a gang of Ah Beng's (uneducated gangster) visit a lounge and order the DJ to play the song name called “Ah Cheng Beh Roti” (in hokkien translation means Ah Cheng sell breads)

The DJ then tell them that their lounge only have English songs and tell them to pick other songs. The Ah Beng's were unhappy and making a big fuss and calm down later.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Apple iPhone 4 Announced and Maxis launching in 3Q 2010

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Apple announced the most awaiting iPhone 4 will be made available on June 24, which is the world thinnest smart phone. The iPhone 4 will be sold at a subsidised price of US$199 for iPhone 4 16GB and US$299 for iPhone 4 32GB in the United States with a 2-year AT&T telecommunication contract. It's just similar in Malaysia Maxis and Digi.

The iPhone 4 front and back are covered with two glossy panels of aluminosilicate glass (glass that used in the windshields of helicopters) as its strengthened to be 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic, with more scratch resistant and its recyclable and it is rimmed with stainless steel

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Online Stockbroking Firms and Investment Banks

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There is a wide range of stockbroking firms or investment banks that provides online tradings.

Below are some stockbroking firms that I used:

Advantages: Provide most trading services, eg. Shares trading, commodities futures trading. User friendly Itrade CIMB web trading platform, Provide Basic Technical Analysis web platform, Frequent seminars and talks on the market, Offers Online Cross-Broder Trading (can buy overseas listed, eg NYSE, Hang Seng, SG shares through online), Offers Offline Cross-Broder Trading, convenient of transferring fund, Available of CIMB Investment Bank office in major states,